Brian Tracy’s Personal Development Plan

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Self help programs are not just for problems, they can provide the best support for personal development and growth. Over the last 30+ years, thousands of people have used my personal development plan to transform their lives and build the future they want for themselves and their families.personal development

Research has shown that fully 95% of what you do or say is determined by your habits. When I was starting out in my career, I struggled to form the habits that I knew would help me get where I wanted to go. I had to learn for myself how to develop these success-creating habits and personality traits. Once I did – my career, income, and happiness started to skyrocket faster than I thought possible.

If you have goals you want to achieve or new skills you want to develop, there are specific actions that you can start taking this moment to make those dreams happen. Below, I share the proven strategies I’ve personally used to produce the results that I want in my life. By using these strategies, you can learn to do the same.

What is Personal Development?

personal developmentPersonal development isn’t something that happens to you – it’s something that you must chose to do for yourself. But once you make that choice, you need to have the right tools to put it into action successfully. Here are a few powerful personal development skills.


    • What you focus on grows – Focus on positive thoughts, feelings, and ideas. When you do, those will begin to spread into your entire life like a tree soaking up water from a fresh spring.
    • Start your day right – Before you turn on the TV or radio, or read the news, spend some time first thing in the morning to read something motivational, inspirational, or educational. Make the first thing you put into your mind something that is consistent with the life you want to have.
    • Write down your goals – Studies show that people who write down their goals are much more likely to achieve them. Write them out in present tense, as if you have already achieved them.

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