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Survival Guide Universal Tides eBook & Game is the Best!

Survival Guide eBook –  “It’ll change your life!” Read the New Age Sci-Fi eBook ‘Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues'(Utides) to discover the secret knowledge of the ancients that if practiced, can change your life! Utides offers inspiration, the 12 Golden Keys, life-changing survivalist tools and a survival kit; plus info on the Mayan Prophecy and a FREE game.

Skip McCord definitely needed a change in his life. Joining the (r)evolution seemed like a fun gig! Until she opened his eyes to the real Truth. And then taught him something that really blew his mind!

Begin to live the new consciousness now!

Spiritual (R)evolution is the solution!
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The Wonderful World of the Blue Star

Be prepared! – Discover 12 Keys & Important Survival Skills

Do you feel a major change is coming in the world but you don’t know what it is? You can feel it – “What is it?” you ask. “Will I die?” What are these unusual changes you’re feeling? It’s like you’re becoming overly sensitive or clairvoyant. Know this: You are not alone.

survival guide


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