Vertical Jump Training: Add 10″ in 10 Weeks!

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Tried everything to increase your vertical jump but
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vertical jump trainingI Did It For YOU!

After uncovering the main mistakes that were holding athletes back in their vertical jump training, I decided to see what would happen if designed a program that targeted all muscles involved in jumping, trained those muscles in the proper mode (explosiveness), and incorporated all 3 vertical jump training methods.

So I designed the program and gave it to a small test group of athletes and had them report back to me about their progress.  The results were staggering!

vertical jump trainingOne athlete added 5 inches in the first 4 weeks!

Another athlete added 12 inches in the first 8 weeks!

Several were able to dunk for the first time!

Of course, after these results, word started getting out about the program and more and more athletes wanted to use it.  So I decided to open it up for everyone because I am dedicated to helping as many athletes reach their full athletic potential as I can.So if you are ready to take your vertical to the next level and take you game to the next level…